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All the patients coming to the OPD, kindly note the following instructions: 1. Always take a prior appointment 2. Be punctual 3. Do not come with an attendant unless really needed 4. If you have history of cough, sore throat, cold, fever, loss of smell or taste, or you have come in contact with a COVID positive patient or have travelled out of city in the past 3 weeks, kindly get yourself checked first. Avoid coming to OPD 4. Always wear a mask, no patient allowed without mask. 5. Carry valid ID proof 6. You will be required to give a verified phone number. If an attendant is accompanying you, we will need their number as well. 7. Download Arogya Setu app, keep blue tooth and location on 8. Prefer digital and online payments insatead of cash. 9. If possible, opt for teleconsultation.
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